Keyword List Multiplier | Free Seo Tool

The keyword list multiplier allows you to produce a combination of keyword lists for all the different keyword variations when setting up a PPC Operation. The keyword multiplier AdWords tool allows you to produce a vast list of keywords for Google Advertisements snappily and effectively.

What is Keyword Multiplier Tool?

A keyword Multiplier Helps You To Create an extensive list Of Keywords For Google ads Very Efficiently.

This tool allows for the use of variables in different columns, automatically multiplying and combining into new expressions.
When setting up a PPC crusade, there are dozens. hundreds, or indeed thousands of expressions people might use to find you.
Besides covering all those variables there are several different match types possible for any given expression, and generating a giant list of keywords manually is nearly unsolvable.

How To Use Keyword Multiplier Tool?

The tool itself is veritably easy to use. The box labeled “ Primary Keywords” is where you input the main keyword you want to use.

Once you have your primary keywords and variations of those keywords you can select the match types that you want; broad match, modified broad match, expression match, and exact match ( defined below).

After you have named which match types you want, click “ Induce Keywords”. The tool will induce a list of primary keywords matched with all possible variations you entered.

After the tool generates all the possible issues you can copy/ bury your new keywords and use them for your Google Advertisements.