Top 300+ Australia Business Listing Sites List of 2023

Australia is a country with a lot of businesses, and there’s no way to list them all. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 300+ business listing sites List in Australia. This list will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the most popular business listing sites in Australia, so you can find the right one for your needs. Plus, we’ll keep adding a new business listing sites to the list so you can stay updated on all the latest listings.

Are you a business owner looking for a new and more effective way to market your business? If so, you’re in luck. There are a number of Australian business listing sites that offer a range of services designed to help businesses get the exposure they need to reach new customers and grow. From search engine optimization to social media campaigns, these sites can help your business stand out from the pack and reach potential customers who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Australia Business Listing Sites

There are a number of business listing sites that are specifically designed for Australian businesses. These include business directories such as, Business Insider, and The Sydney Morning Herald’s SMH Business website. Other sites, such as Google Maps and Yelp, can also be used to find local businesses.

It is important to note that not all of these sites are designed for small businesses – some are aimed at larger enterprises. It is always a good idea to do your research before using a business listing site, as some may not be appropriate for your business.

There are a number of business listing sites that operate in Australia. Some of these include:

1. – This website offers a range of services including business listings, online advertising, and information on business taxes.

2. StartupSmart – This website provides resources for entrepreneurs, including a business listing service and a forum where entrepreneurs can connect and share advice.

3. The Business Listings Page – This website provides business listings for a number of different Australian cities.

4. – This website offers business listing services for both small businesses and larger corporations.

5. Aussie Businesses – This website provides a range of resources, including a business directory, an advertising service, and information on business licensing and taxation in Australia.

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Benefits of Business Listing Sites In Australia

There are many benefits to listing your business on a business listing site in Australia. These sites can help you find new customers, increase website traffic and visibility, and boost your business reputation. Here are a few of the most common benefits:

1. Finding new customers – Business listing sites can help you reach a wider audience than you would be able to on your own. By featuring your business on one of these sites, you’re likely to attract potential customers who are looking for similar services or products.

2. Increased website traffic and visibility – By listing your business on a business listing site, you’re likely to see an increase in website traffic and visibility. This increased online exposure can lead to an increase in sales and growth for your business.

3. Boosting your business reputation – By listing your business with a reputable business listing site, you’re likely to build a positive reputation that can help you attract future customers and partners. In addition, a strong reputation can also lead to better contract negotiations and more favorable reviews from potential customers.

Free Business Listing Sites List in Australia

Australia Business Listing Sites Domain Authority (DA) Alexa Rank Price 35 4895 Free 17 7123 Free 26 4946 Free 11 8713 Free 16 4591 Free 26 4948 Free 18 5324 Free 14 30001 Free 7 182,611 Free 23 303,533 Free 15 28,585 Free 56 733,647 Free 71 6,359 Free 15 341,297 Free/Paid 55 597980 Free 17 359,380 Free/Paid 18 316,905 Free/Paid 14 278,233 Free/Paid 16 269,729 Free/Paid 54 51,898 Free/Paid 14 220,567 Free/Paid 29 219,633 Free/Paid 41 62,670 Free/Paid 10 1,672,567 Free/Paid 26 383,275 Free/Paid 59 20,085 Free/Paid 35 142,095 Free/Paid 52 37,758 Free/Paid 12 657,125 Free/Paid 21 562,803 Free/Paid 64 61,202 Free/Paid 10 2,087,004 Free/Paid 60 82,518 Free/Paid 44 545,482 Free/Paid 10 3,407,358 Free/Paid 10 1,524,586 Free/Paid 41 606,910 Free/Paid 43 528,650 Free/Paid 21 2,374,878 Free/Paid 36 943,133 Free/Paid 10 12,061,441 Free/Paid 40 1,132,921 Free/Paid 17 1,788,680 Free/Paid 1 3,848,049 Free/Paid 37 2,609,180 Free/Paid 4 1,685,422 Free/Paid 5 3,266,996 Free/Paid 23 150,409 Free/Paid 31 5,189,889 Free/Paid 36 2,340,843 Free/Paid 32 1,393,647 Free/Paid 51 154,410 Free/Paid 25 3,854,759 Free/Paid 26 410,204 Free/Paid 30 751,938 Free/Paid 40 1,419,261 Free/Paid 51 322,763 Free/Paid 53 982,086 Free/Paid 48 769,149 Free/Paid 41 1,171,643 Free/Paid 31 3,925,520 Free/Paid 48 1,380,483 Free/Paid 23 9,887,874 Free/Paid 75 48,462 Free/Paid 60 227,785 Free/Paid 40 1,439,279 Free/Paid 34 838,904 Free/Paid 43 943,798 Free/Paid 8 312683 Free/Paid 26 1,573,985 Free/Paid 52 279,795 Free/Paid 55 352,506 Free/Paid 45 734,766 Free/Paid 64 46,739 Free/Paid 35 870,620 Free/Paid 50 399,243 Free/Paid 9 6,096,648 Free 10 424,922 Free/Paid 2 NA Free/Paid 69 195,364 Free/Paid 36 3,547,469 Free/Paid 42 1,274,438 Free/Paid 34 803,257 Free/Paid 62 230,017 Free/Paid 5 2,130,282 Free/Paid 46 644,065 Free/Paid 10 781,902 Free/Paid 65 9,975 Free/Paid 17 5,342,007 Free/Paid 10 4,735,227 Paid 37 500,931 Free/Paid 36 10,366,098 Free/Paid 59 48,274 Free/Paid 33 844,227 Free/Paid 17 6,232,703 Free/Paid 23 4,108,465 Free/Paid 21 3,297,628 Free/Paid 55 324,949 Free/Paid 47 2,407,151 Free/Paid 14 3,271,080 Free/Paid 20 12,609,062 Free/Paid 30 950,456 Free/Paid 37 2,545,760 Free/Paid 6 8,674,292 Free/Paid 19 0 Free/Paid 49 314,531 Free/Paid 51 234,168 Free/Paid 10 2,104,040 Free/Paid 62 383,024 Free/Paid 1 0 Free/Paid 41 2,979,003 Free/Paid 1 NA Free/Paid 10 16,437,623 Free/Paid 21 2,676,950 Free/Paid 37 12,289,536 Free/Paid 13 0 Free/Paid 45 681,300 Free/Paid 55 447,510 Free/Paid 25 3,248,343 Free/Paid 42 1,941,166 Free/Paid 71 14,282 Free/Paid 50 29,217 Free/Paid 25 2,430,763 Free/Paid 36 2,326,731 Free/Paid 41 3,819 Free/Paid 41 852,012 Free/Paid 12 0 Free/Paid 76 1,319 Free/Paid 42 1,219,141 Free/Paid 48 2,723,258 Free/Paid 40 2,178,218 Free/Paid 53 276,497 Free/Paid 40 9,754,265 Free/Paid 44 1,934,845 Free/Paid 32 NA Free/Paid 20 710,548 Free/Paid 22 170,978 Free/Paid 17 2,178,218 Free/Paid


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Local Australia Business Listing Sites List

Business Listing Sites List in Australia 2023

Sr.No Business Listing Sites Domain Authority (DA)
1 67
2 68
3 67
4 67
5 71
6 56
7 57
8 53
9 56
10 56
11 55
12 44
13 65
14 67
15 53
16 55
17 68
18 75
19 44
20 47
21 32
22 35
23 65
24 45
25 47
26 76
27 52
28 76
29 53
30 44
31 57
32 65
33 32
34 55
35 57
36 60
37 63
38 61
39 61
40 60
41 59
42 54
43 58
44 53
45 61
46 53
47 54
48 63
49 71
50 43
51 38
52 34
53 37
54 51
55 41
56 54
57 23
58 55
59 63
60 74
61 45
62 54
63 32
64 31
65 34
66 36
67 37
68 33
69 36
70 31
71 38
72 39
73 30
74 52
75 42
76 48
77 31
78 36
79 37
80 43
81 37
82 56
83 42


Advertising is the be-all and end-all for every company. Whether you offer services or products, only if you increase your awareness can you also increase the chance of customer acquisition and increase your sales. To do this, you need a tactical approach that primarily supports the search for your service or your products in a positive way.

There are many different marketing methods you can use as a company, from SEO, social media, print, and much more. A solid marketing strategy includes many different components that complement each other. Business directories, also known as business listing sites are one method that can be beneficial for your company. Let’s look closer at business listing sites and what you should know.

1. The business directory is popular

What could be better than the traditional business directory which is still the most popular search directory among tomorrow’s potential customers. But here, too, progress has not stopped at the yellow pages. Benefit from your entry in an online business directory and combine your entry in the business directory with intelligent strategies in your region and nationally.

2. Online business directories are more helpful when searching

Users enjoy the convenience of obtaining information via the Internet and are increasingly avoiding the hassle of mechanically searching in a printed version of a business directory. Online business listing sites offer significantly more possibilities to combine entries with additional properties. For example, customer reviews can be written and viewed by other potential customers. This enables additional advertising for you.

Thanks to special apps, your entry can also be found online using mobile devices. This means that you can benefit if a user wants to see a specific offer in the vicinity of his current location and searches for it online in the yellow pages with the help of the app.

3. Always up-to-date information for potential customers

Online listing sites tend to be updated regularly and are therefore always up to date. If, for example, a company goes bankrupt, this information may be updated the very next day. The company is no longer listed because it no longer exists.

4. Good cost-benefit ratio

Since the costs and effort of an entry in a business directory are in a very positive ratio to the benefits and advantages, it is worthwhile for everyone to enter themselves and their own service or company there. The targeted research option in the local and regional area ensures that even small companies and businesses can be found reliably within the area relevant to them.

5. Customers have many functions

  • Customer-oriented search function by industry and location and well-structured result function
  • Direct assessment options
  • Comparison of several possible companies/service providers
  • Important contact information such as telephone number, address, opening times, and a brief description of the company

6. Companies can increase their exposure

  • Improved discoverability via search engines
  • Increase in online reach
  • Quick and easy change of company data in the customer area
  • Possibility of effective presentation free of charge (link to website, company information)
  • Individual design of the entry and highlighting of your corporate USPs
  • Review management possible through contact with customers and directory operators

7. Address the target group directly

Many online listing sites, for example, offers all the advantages mentioned above as part of the free basic entry. Specific region or location-based business directories offer very effective marketing and exposure. This is because only the desired target group is addressed depending on the industry. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking through the business directory for a dentist or a lawyer.

What should be considered for business listings

A direct link to your own website is not only interesting from an SEO point of view, but it also gives the customer and service provider the opportunity to get in direct contact with each other.

Interactions can also be measured very well in business directories: How many contacts were there? Which prospects have become customers? It is not as easy to measure these parameters via a search engine as it is in a business directory.

Business directories also offer the benefit of a very specialized search. While a search engine also packs a lot of non-industry information into the results, a business directory is more precise and reduces the research effort. Existing customers quickly find service providers again; it is therefore also an instrument for maintaining existing customers.

However, there are a number of factors that should be considered when registering a company. The mentioning of basic data on the web is referred to as citations and is a central factor in local search engine optimization. The key data (name, address, phone) play a particularly important role here.

This central company data should be identical in every entry. If this is not the case, the search engine’s algorithms cannot assign both entries to a company. With the company description, on the other hand, the situation is reversed: the content should not be identical for every website, because duplicate content in the description always means there is a risk that the ranking will deteriorate.

Search engine information as an example of a modern business directory

There are now a number of online business directories/business listing sites that focus primarily on local service providers. These local directories help businesses gain more visibility and thus more success, higher sales, and positive customer loyalty through citation building, among other things.

In addition, many online listing sites offer a number of other advantages for service providers. Through direct contact, you may be able to enter into a direct exchange with potential customers via the business directory. In order for the search engine ranking to remain stable, the most important entries on the web are regularly updated. The customers can therefore devote themselves to their actual day-to-day business in peace, while the presence on the web increases and more potential customers are generated in this way.

This is how you use online business directories for your company

With a business directory entry you store the most important contact data for your company. This includes in particular the e-mail address, telephone number, address, and link to the website. You should also provide an accurate description of your products and services. In this way, potential customers can get an idea of ​​whether your company is suitable for their purposes and whether they would like to contact you.

There are basically two good reasons to strive for a top spot in an online business register: traffic and improved search engine rankings. About every fifth user of desktop computers and mobile devices uses business directories to obtain information and clicks on the relevant links. A company that is listed here generates valuable traffic and has the opportunity to turn visitors into customers.

Better ranking

In addition, search engines use very different criteria for ranking a website. In addition to on-page SEO and backlinks, ratings, behavioral signals, personalization, and social signals have been of great importance since digitization. So if you have relevant backlinks in business directories, this usually improves your ranking in the search results in search engines noticeably.

For whom are business directories suitable?

A presence in online business directories is particularly worthwhile for small and medium-sized companies with a local focus.

These include, for example:

  • Handyman
  • kiosks
  • hairdressers

In this way, they have the opportunity to attract the attention of potential customers and to assert themselves against the competition. A few placements within the business directory often make a big difference here.

Large corporations that rely on established brands often do not benefit as much from company directories. They should therefore use their available resources to become active elsewhere and to generate new customers. If there is time left for activities in a business directory, that’s good, but these activities are not a priority.

Advantages of using entries in online directories

Business directories have various advantages. For example, they are a great way to generate organic traffic. You have to invest little money and resources to achieve a large output in a very short time. With a high ranking in the business directory, you optimize your website in the search engines, which in turn leads to more traffic and relevance. A positive cycle begins. Another advantage is that you can use existing content in the business register.

Search engines like Google know what such registers are for and usually do not rate titles stored there as duplicate content. This gives you the opportunity to present yourself with your existing means without being penalized for duplicate content. However, you should use different descriptions in different portals so as not to take any risks with duplicate content.

Find suitable business directories

There are various strategies you can use to find suitable business directories. But to make it easier, we have gathered an extensive list in this post.

If you also want to look for online business listing sites yourself, you can enter the keyword “business directories” or “online business listing site” in the search engines. Make sure to combine this with the city you are active in. This will give you local, relevant business directories in which you can become active. This is usually possible free of charge and experience and background knowledge of business directory entries are not absolutely necessary.

An alternative is to conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis. Many SEO tools offer the possibility to examine the link profiles of competitors. This way you can see where your competition is active and react accordingly. Either you get involved in the same online business directories so that you end up ahead of your competitors at some point. However, this is expensive. That’s why some choose to target those business directories where the competition isn’t as heavily represented.

A third strategy is to use a service provider to appear in business directories. For a monthly service fee, they create entries in various business directories. A large part of these entries remains even if the cooperation with the service provider is terminated. That’s why you have to invest some money, but you save a lot of time and effort.

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