What is Digital Empowerment? Explained!

Digital Empowerment is the process of providing access to information and knowledge through the use of digital tools. The Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) believes in empowering people by providing them with access to information using digital tools. DEF has already reached more than 30 million people around the world. What is Digital Empowerment? Digital empowerment … Read more

What Does a Digital Creator Do? Complete Guide

Digital creators create content that is available to the public in digital form. Content can include videos, images, audio, and text. Content can be used in marketing campaigns and other digital promotional efforts. A digital creator will be responsible for establishing a relationship with an audience through collaboration with other content creators. What is a … Read more

What Is a Digital Journalist? Explained!

As the internet has become the dominant media outlet, there is an increased focus on the role of digital journalists. In fact, there are several forms of digital journalism, including online journalism, citizen journalism, and blogging. It’s important to understand all of these types of journalism in order to determine the best way to get … Read more