How to Get MICR code and Address of Banks In India By IFSC Code

In this article, we will discuss the process of getting the MICR code and address of any bank. As a customer,

The MICR number is a nine-digit code. As per RBI rules, these are composed of the bank’s routing code and account number (or parentage) sewn along with an identification letter that also includes three digits.

All banks should have their own unique nine pieces of identifying data put inside them by readying writers collectively known as “MICR Writers” or simply Master Card writer manufacturers.

There are a number of features of the MICR code and how it works. However, there is no real reason to know about these features. It’s not necessary for any business transactions you undertake.

However, if you need to get this code from your bank account details or want to check the details of your bank account balance, then knowing about these features will help you out. you need to know this information so that you can deposit or withdraw money from your bank account.

Most of us are familiar with the zip code, postcode, and even our State/City/Country but what is a MICR Code? It is a 5 digit number unique to every bank and other financial institution in India.

To find the branch of your bank and MICR code, you need to log on to any branch of your bank.

To get the MICR code and address of any bank in India, you can visit this website: and also

You have to enter your mobile number and then you will receive the information within seconds. This method is quick and easy. You can also check the address of a bank through this website:

Every bank has a MICR number and a branch address. This post provides the necessary information about these two codes, why they are important, and how to get them.

Find Bank Branch Details/Address/MICR Code By IFSC Code is very important to be done by every person. In order to get the MICR number and address of banks, you need to know the IFSC number of the bank branch.

IFSC code is a unique identification code assigned by the Reserve Bank of India to all branches of commercial banks in India. The IFSC code helps in finding bank branch details and addresses as well as MICR codes and addresses of banks.

In India, banks are a major source of financial transactions. As a result, they are also a target for criminals. In the recent past, many banks have been robbed of huge amounts of money by criminals. Banks have to provide their IFSC code, MICR code, and address for a customer to get his/her account details.

The Bank Branch Details/Address/MICR number can be easily found by IFSC number. The IFSC Code is a 12-digit code that is issued by the Reserve Bank of India to the bank. This code is necessary for the customers to make an online transaction.

The IFSC Code helps you find the bank branch details, if any, from which you can open a bank account. You can also find bank branch details/address/MICR code from the IFSC Code.

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